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Florida Keys Veterinary Medical Association

The Florida Keys Veterinary Medical Association (FKVMA) is comprised of local veterinarians who are committed to advancing the quality of veterinary medicine in the Florida Keys community by providing local high quality continuing education to licensed veterinarians and veterinary staff, to encouraging the Florida Keys community's understanding and appreciation of the unique human-animal bond by providing pet education and outreach to the Florida Keys community, and to promoting a professional relationship among FKVMA members and the public.

Board of Directors


Clifford Glade, DVM, Treasurer


Holly Humphries, DVM, President 


Aundria del Pino, DVM


Elizabeth Watson, DVM, MS, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Radiology

Fallon Canizares CVT

Charter Members 


Dr. Rene Cruz

Dr. Martha Edwards

Dr. Robert Foley

Dr. Clifford Glade

Dr. Stacey Kimball

Dr. Cynthia Sandhusen

Dr. Nancy Saxe

Dr. Suzanne Sigel

Dr. Mae Wasson

Dr. Elizabeth Watson

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